Xiaomi redmi note 5 by etvjabardasth

Xiaomi redmi note 5 by etvjabardasth





Redmi note 5 detail info step by step


In today’s competitive market every company is looking for their product enhancement so that they can rule the market for a long period of time and Redmi note 5 is one among them.

In the gadget world, the advancement of technology has made, most of the companies like Samsung, Nokia, I-phone to be on their tose always as a small fault here and there can let their competitor take over and have an influence in the market. we will talk about Redmi note 5.

Today the smartphone which we are going to talk is Xiami Redmi note 5. Xiaomi joined the Indian market around 2 years earlier and ever since than, it has grown its repo in the Indian masses as the trusted brand giving equal competition to the top-selling brand like Samsung in the market.

          The existence of the company


Xiami is a Chinese based company which have given new revolution especially if we talk about the battery back up of the device. Earlier most of us complained about the battery back up, but thanks to the invention of Xiami which has given the trend among mobile manufacturer to not only look after the other specification like camera, design, Ram, Rom but to focus equally on the battery back up.

In most cases of the smartphone, the battery power was around 2200 to 3500 mah max. But not in the case of Xiami phone ever since its introduction we saw its battery was around or more than 4000 mah, which is a great sign if the person is looking for a smartphone then they must have battery back up to last the complete day, even after heavy uses.

        Best phone award in 2017


Xiami has been rewarded for its hard work and entitled as the king of the smartphone in the Indian market-beating chaibol in the year 2017. Now it has become a pressure situation to maintain its top rank in the market as reaching the top is one thing and maintaining is altogether different.

Xiami has been the silent mover although, once the opposite whole promotes or launches its new smartphone oft xiaomi on the opposite hand has been silent mover, World Health Organization continually has a special plan to surprise Indian masses.

with its amazing advancement in the follow up of its previous smartphone, whether we talk about Redmi note 3 which is again the top smartphone if we compare it with other brands product in the same price range. It is way ahead ion the race than the others ever since its launch.


Soon Redmi note 5 will hit the Indian market


Redmi note 5 will soon replace its previous version of Redmi note 4 and is the next big thing in the market. Looking at Redmi note 5 it is sleek, stylish and fits all the requirement for a gadget lover, who are always looking for something better than the previous smartphone. Soon it will be launched in the Indian market. Let’s look at some of its features. The Redmi note 5 has an awesome camera that clicks the awesome image, even in the low light or dull environment.


It has got face unlock this something new discovery on the phone which enables to unlock your phone. What you need to do is shut down your screen or lock your screen and Redmi note 5 will recognize your face automatically to unlock the phone. It is believed to one of the fastest smartphones in terms of performance with Snapdragon 636 with Qualcomm’s new 14 nm. The Octa-core processor improves the overall performance of the smartphone.


It has got 2.5 D curved Corning Gorilla glass which looks even better and makes the smartphone more classy and strong which is resistant also. Another specification about rRedmi note 5 it”s screen which is good enough to hold and fit in your pocket.

          Looks even better back side of the phone

Turning the smartphone backside is equally good as the vertically placed design reminds us of the top brand of Apple I-phone X as a rear camera set up, two lenses. However this is not the first instance Xiami was influenced by I-Phone X design and implemented on it”s product, many other smartphones have done it before but most of them failed.


The back side of the phone has got a fingerprint sensor and also reflects the MI brand below. Fingerprint sensor along with face detector additional feature implemented in the smartphone. 3.5 audio jack and the mono speaker has been placed at the bottom of the phone.

On the right side of the phone is volume controller, power button and on the left side of the phone sim card slot along with sd card fixer. The top portion of the phone has IR working man that controls device like TV.

The show of the phone may be a five.99-inch screen with FHD of 2160×1080p.


People love to read something or either on their phone and they will love redmi note 5 it as it has got a reading mode, that reduces the effect of the light on our eyes. One can view the text along with the image on the device and you will not notice any break in pixel while zooming. Though the sunlight is an issue with the phone as display looks dimmer when it is viewed from a different angle.


Performance and camera


Redmi note 5 has got Qualcomm, Snapdragon 636 processor, is the first phone in the world to be implemented by it. It has got 4GB ram along with 64GB internal storage. The performance of the smartphone is amazing as it has super fast touch response with quick to access and navigate feature.


On the camera section, it has got dual camera 12 MP+5 MP. The primary camera is 12 MP with 1.25 sensor, which makes photography look awesome, you can click some amazing pictures with the smartphone and equally supported by the secondary camera to match it’s standard. Overall the camera quality is good enough for the photograp[her or sharing some amazing pictures on Instagram or another social media.




Xiami Redmi note 5 is an amazing product. It has got a powerful processor with good camera quality, the display FHD which looks amazing, 4GB Ram along with 64 GB internal storage makes it a complete phone. And the price is as low as 13,999 which very less with the overall specification of the phone. You will be crazy and surely go for it, after it’s launch in the Indian market.


Performance                               Octa Core

Display                                        5.99 inch

Storage                                       64 GB

Camera                                       12 MP+5MP 

Battery                                        4000 mah

Ram                                             4 GB

Price                                           13,999


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