Simple thing that damages our smartphone – Etvjabardasth

Simple thing that damages our smartphone – Etvjabardasth

The basic thing that damages our smartphone contains six stages, that we’ll comprehend one by one. Ever since the invention of the smartphone and advancement of technology have made the human life easier and way ahead in life. There was a time when that one thought impossible, but the technology made everything possible.

The unusual thing that damages our smartphone

Consider for instance how many of us have thought that one day we will have something known as the smartphone in which our whole world comes. We can do almost anything with the help of technology and smartphone is just a small part of the vast technology.


Simple thing that damages our smartphone - Etvjabardasth


Merits and demerits of phone

Though there are enormous benefits of smartphone-like we can play games, watch movie, videos, chat with family and friends through these are the entertainment benefits which can be termed as a demerit of the phone. However, the technical benefits of the smartphone are endless, it changed the life of people and made people healthy, wealthy and wise.

It is totally upon us how we use our smartphone for betterment just for fun.

But let’s understand the bound factor that we have a tendency to do wittingly or un-knowingly thing that injury our smartphone.

1.Downloading an app from sites

Frankly speaking, 3/4th of the smartphone user use to download the app from any site, it is very easy and affordable method as it saves our time and we download the file instantly. But as the time passes the smartphone starts showing its effect when malware and virus enter into our smartphone.

While downloading the app from the google play it is suggested to download the play protect service in order to be on safer side.

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2.Making a phone call or doing anything while charging

Using your smartphone while it charging can be very harmful, either for the smartphone or for your own health. Although, most of think that what’s wrong in doing anything like playing a game, watching a movie or even making a call is the greatest ignorance from the user side towards their smartphone.

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It is advisable to put your smartphone in a cool and dry place while charging, which by no means that you put your phone on the freeze and charge. The ideal temperature to charge your smartphone should be anywhere between 5 to 15 degree and our freeze has a minus degree temperature.

Another important aspect while charging the smartphone is to switch on the Aeroplane/flight mode, which allows you to be distraction free and your phone to charge quickly.

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3.Putting your smartphone in your pocket

Keeping your smartphone is very obvious as most of us carry our phone whenever we go out. When you are carrying it in your jeans which is comfortable than its okay, but with the tight jeans it starts malfunctioning as the pressure may affect and it is the thing that damages our smartphone.

Holding the phone in hand or in the carry bag is probably the best solution to overcome it.

4.Keeping the smartphone below the pillow while sleeping

When we are tired or feel drowsy we are so lazy that we place the phone below our pillow, doing so, can be very harmful as we have heard about lots of explosion by the device who put their smartphone below the pillow because of the pressure of the heat which is generated by the human body.

The best method is to switch off your phone when you are at the bed, simply keep the smartphone to the distinct place from your bed like table or chair anything in which you can keep your phone.

5.Turning off your smartphone

It is advisable for the health expert and scientific proof has said that one must switch off their phone when they are at the bed before sleeping and switch on your phone when you woke up.

Turning off your smartphone for the rebooting purpose is one thing, but turning off for some duration especially before sleeping can not only protect your brain cell from damaging but it also removes the cache from your phone, along with boosting your RAM which enables the smartphone functionality, if we avoid this then this is the small thing that damages our smartphone.

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6.Avoid overcharging or completely draining the battery

Most people wait until their phone gets completely drained out to charge their phone. The ideal situation is to turn on your standby mode when notice that your smartphone have only 10 percent or below battery left. On the other side, one should avoid overcharging as it makes the phone battery weak with the passage of time.

We can understand this with the help of an example consider if you are full while eating, will you like to eat? Of course no, when one is full how can one eat same applies to our smartphone. Avoid, completely draining of your battery and overcharging, otherwise, it is yet another thing that damages your smartphone.


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