Know the language of web server PHP and MySQL

Know the language of web server PHP and MySQL

Moving from the last post webpage language this focus on PHP and MySQL unlike (HTML, CSS, and Javascript), these are languages of the webpage it deals with the look and feel of the web page. Most of the webpage is automatically saved in the web browser, but some of them are built dynamically, with real-time information which quickly retrieves result as we type the request/query on the browser.

PHP and MySQL web development programming language

When pages are built dynamically on the internet a program is running every time on the web server to build specific page. These programs are known as server-side programs. Just like Javascript program tells the browser how to behave, likewise, server-side programs tell the web page about what element and layout to have, in other terms, the HTML, CSS and the Javascript they are added by the server program.

The program running on the server is written by yet another language by HTML, CSS, and Javascript which we already read in the previous post. Server-side program is written in one or more than one language. It includes Microsoft, Perl, Python.


PHP-and-MySQL-web -development


Building dynamic web application with PHP and MySQL

PHP is the short form of hypertext preprocessor, which is a popular and powerful language that is used for programming. When PHP builds the web pages it needs data frequently to display on the result page. This where the role of MySQL comes in handy.

MySQL is a free and popular database system which can store information and then integrate with PHP to create a fully functional web application. PHP and MySQL combination together form to build a dynamic web application.

It is a scripting language which is designed especially for the use of the web, with features that make web design and programming easier. MySQL is a fast and easy to use that can be used on many websites. MySQL and PHP pair have several advantages like.

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They are free to use

Both PHP and MySQL are the web-oriented program that is designed for the use of the websites and has a set of features which focus on building a dynamic websites

MySQL and PHP are easy to use, as both are designed to run up the website quickly

They are fast with speed in focus as the major objective

PHP and MySQL form one of the fastest ways to deliver dynamic web pages to the users

They communicate with one another, as PHP has some inbuilt features for communication with MySQL

A large group of the support team for PHP and MySQL is available every time to help the user through e-mail and chat.

Sending the web page to the web browser with Apache

PHP and MySQL don’t operate all alone, they need a support from the web server in order to actually respond according to the request made on the web page. A web server is a special software that runs on the computer. The most popular web server is HTTP from Apache, but most people just refer to Apache like PHP and MySQL. Apache is also free to use.

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When a person uses the browser to type a request, that request is received by the web server (Apache). Apache than looks for the web page (request) if it knows it in its database and immediately sends the request page to the user. When pages are created with PHP, Apache for this case uses a special software to connect with PHP before sending the page back to the user.

Benefits of Apache

Apache is free like PHP and MySQL

It runs on the various operating system like windows, Linux, Mac, OS etc

It is most popular as around 60 percent of the websites on the internet uses Apache service

It’s reliable due to its uptime speed and running

It runs as long as your computer is on

Apache is customizable through the open source license that allows the programmer to modify the Apache software

It is secure, one can find a free software that runs on Apache to make it secure through secure socket layer known as (SSL)

Choosing host for the website

Choosing the host for the website is the first step in setting up a website in front of the world. The internet connection that we use to access the world wide web is unlikely to provide sufficient resource to allow the user to access your computer. For this, we need a faster connection which provides Domain Name System (DNS) service.

For this, we need a different type of internet connection, probably at an increased speed. Today there are lots of hosting company like Hostgator, Blue Host, Name cheap, Go daddy etc some of the most popular ones that provide hosting for you.

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The web hosting includes word press hosting, Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, Open source web hosting, cloud hosting. We will discuss more them one by one in the coming time. But as if now if you don’t know about that WordPress hosting will be good for you, but if you have coding knowledge than and some technical knowledge as well then you can go with other choices.

Computer programming language and choosing the right hosting

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After getting the hosting you need to change the name server of your domain, by default the domain registrar provides its name server on your domain and if you don’t change your nameserver than your unused domain is used by the domain registrar by putting their aids on your domain and they make money from your unused domain.

So, as you buy a domain immediately get hosting and change the nameserver and start building your website and fill your website with some useful content. Once your website is live you will notice that it will start growing as the time passes if it is a popular domain or if it has something special as a content on its site.

In the upcoming posts, we will get in detail view about how to set up a website and what necessary changes you need to make when you set up your website for the first time. All in a short while stay tuned for the latest post on Science and Technology.



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