How to use web whats app on PC – etvjabardasth

How to use web whats app on PC – etvjabardasth

Whats app is one among the most popular messaging app on the social media platform, with the overall userbase of 1.5 million. Whats app company claims to deliver about 60 million messages every day. Whats app recently came with the surprise to provide web whats app feature on the PC. Web whats app features include enjoying it on the desktop.

Know all about web whats app

How to use web whats app on PC


The Whats app is owned by the Facebook company in the year 2014 for the purpose of generating more revenue and increase its user on the social media platform. Whats recently launched web whats app version for its user. As we all know that, web whats app version makes the user access their whats app features on the desktop PC or on the laptop. 

We all are aware of the fact how most of the whats app user use two different accounts simultaneously or at the same time on their smartphone. What we don’t know is how the same features in which a person having multiple whats app account can use it on their desktop or laptop.


Whats app user has something to cheer

It’s good news for the whats app user who wants to use the web whats app features not only on their smartphone but also on their desktop or laptop as well. In order to access the web whats app feature, there is one simple method which allows you to use two different whats app account in the same web browser like Google, Chrome, Opera, Mozzila Firefox, Internet Explorer etc anyone without of any problem.

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In order to access web whats app features on the Personal computer (PC), you need to have two whats account on your smartphone which is the first step. Second, you need a stable internet connection on the smartphone as well on the computer. However, you must have the updated version of the web browser which you will use to access the internet.

Now you have to open the link below just follow in the web browser on the desktop, along with the same on the smartphone. Means the same link you need to open on desktop and smartphone. Once you have opened the link you are asked to scan the QR code appearing on the screen of your smartphone to start using your whats account on your desktop.

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Follow each step carefully

Further, in order to open your whats app account in the same browser, you need to open it in a new tab. Then paste the URL in the tab which is and hit the enter button. Once you complete the whole process you will notice the same screen appear again for the second time with QR code message.

Again, follow the process of scanning the code now using the other whats app account which you have. The process completes all done now enjoy two different whats app account in one browser. In this way, you have the liberty to use two different whats app account to use on your PC, which you earlier enjoyed in the smartphone now you enjoy the web whats app on your desktop with equal fun.

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