How to know what FACEBOOK knows about you

How to know what FACEBOOK knows about you

Want to know what Facebook knows about you and how to keep yourself protected? Then be with us till the end you will know all info and also how to protect yourself. So, it is very important to know what Facebook knows about you.

For the past one week or so. there have been continuous new updates on Facebook and the latest one to follow is its rival company twitter has twitted to delete the facebook account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to come up with the explanation about the issue, further, he accepted on the company’s behalf and apologized for the data leakage of the user which was used in the US election to manipulate the user vote on Doland Triumph victory. Facebook is continuously facing social media troll in the latest one is something which unbelievable.

Delete facebook immediately was the top trending topic all over the world on the twitter.


How to know what FACEBOOK known about you


Best way to find out what Facebook knows about you

However, whether you keep your Facebook account or delete it, is totally your own personal choice with which no one can interfere. But one has the right to know is what Facebook knows about you. Here is how you will find out everything that Facebook knows about you.

This can be divided into two parts. First, is the basic information which facebook keeps in its database on basis of which it shows ads to the user?

Second is the most important one that includes what are your timeline activities like your photo, post you shared in the group or in the Facebook timeline, the message sent by you to your family or friends, items you clicked according to your interest, in short, your every action is recorded by Facebook.

So, next time when you use your Facebook account be selective using it.

Bouncing on the primary part of what Facebook knows about you here is the procedure to discover.

The process to view facebook profiles

Log on to your facebook account

Go to setting

Tap the advertisements which you will discover the distinctive symbols


How to know what facebook knows about you




Now here is the sub-heading of your personal information begins with your interest, your hobbies and your routine activity which you share with Facebook. Also, the channel you follow news, music, video, entertainment pages, apps you downloaded o your device from the facebook page is included in the list.

Now move down a little bit on the page with the help of mouse scroll or with the slide down the page on your smartphone. You will find your profile where there is information about you that Facebook shares with the advertising company.

Facebook keeps data of the user

How to know what facebook knows about you


It uses information like when did you travel last, which device is used by you to access facebook etc. Although, Facebook allows the users to react to any information which is wrong, but doesn’t explain whether they will remove irrelevant information from your profile or not.

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This is the first part of the information which Facebook knows about you and this are the information which it shares with the advertisers, but there is even more than Facebook knows about the user. Which comes under the second category of information about the user. Facebook has the option to allow the user to download all the data which Facebook has to the user.

Facebook has been under the radar and is being criticized severely over its data leakage and not maintaining the user privacy. So it is very important for you to know what Facebook knows about you.





Go to the setting again

Click on download a copy of your Facebook data which you find in the down of the page

Click on “download archive” button

Then you are asked to enter the password, enter your password

Now, you will receive a confirmation message from the facebook asking you that your archive is ready to download. Check your e-mail which is associated with your Facebook account, click on the link from the facebook than hit the download button. Zip file files are downloaded which is hard to access but the user can access it by double-clicking on the index.html file to have the access to the information.

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You will find a various section of your photos, videos, message, friends, ads and much more, in short, every information which you don’t remember Facebook remembers and keep the data of the same.

Overview of my facebook page

So, here is the quick overview of what Facebook knows about you and what data are data which Facebook have about the user. Just a quick view of the whole in a summary go to the setting you will find general at the top of the list, second in the list is security and log in click on it you will see the second column after the recommended section is where you are logged in from.

For instance, I am logged in from my hometown, it shows the device which I am using Xiomi Redmi note 3 along with my present location. It even shows the other device which you used to access facebook like chrome browser, also the time when you use it.

Now you get the point what Facebook knows about you, basically everything. So, if you on the first group than go ahead and join the #Delete facebook campaign, if not then share it with your friends, family everyone whom you care so that next time they are aware of the effect of social media.



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