Classification of computer step by step by etvjabardasth

Classification of computer step by step by etvjabardasth

Classification of computer step by step by etvjabardasth

The word computer is derived from the root word compute which means to form. A computer is an electronic device which takes information with the help of input device like a mouse, keyboard then processes it with the help of processor and gives output in a human-readable form. Classification of computer in various types.

Know the classification of computer

A computer can be classified into various types. All computers basically differ in the ability to process data. They are classified in a different form according to the purpose, data handling functionality. In the purpose of types of computer classification of computer is either a general purpose computer or a specific purpose computer.

General purpose computer is basically designed to perform various tasks. They have the ability to store numerous program, but general purpose computer lacks in terms of speed and efficiency. On the other hand specific, a purpose computer is used to handle a specific problem or to perform a specific task. The set of instructions for the same is built in the machine. 

According to data handling

Base classification of computer is of three type Analog, Digital, and Hybrid. Analog computer works on the principle of measuring and translating the data. Modern Analog computer uses an electrical parameter like voltage, current, resistance to represent the quantity of manipulation. This computer does not deal directly with the numbers.

The digital computer is those types of computer that operates with the information, or numbers which is in the digital form. This computer process data in a digital value (0 and 1). It gives a result with more accuracy and is faster than Analog computer. The hybrid computer uses the measuring feature of an Analog computer and also uses some of the featured on the Digital computer. For computation process, it uses Analog components and for storage purpose, it uses Digital memories.

According to function classification of computer

1. pc|analogue computer|computer|computing machine|computing device|data processor|electronic computer|information processing system}: AN Analog computer that is spelled Analogue in keeping with land language, could be a style of pc that uses continuous physical phenomenon like electrical, mechanical and hydraulic component model to compute the task.

2.Digital Computer: A Digital computer usually performs the calculation and logical operation with the number form also known as the binary number system, or binary digit in the form of (0 and 1).

3.Hybrid computer (mix of Analog and Digital): A combination of Analog and Digital computer which is used for inputting and outputting data both in digital and analog form. A hybrid computer system uses a cost-effective method to perform a complex task.


The Classification of a computer on the basis of size, cost, and accuracy

1.Minicomputer: It is a mid-size computer. On the basis of size and power, minicomputer lies in between workstation and mainframe computer. It is designed for the real-time dedicated multiuser application. A minicomputer converts the into Supercomputer with the help of chip 80386. Super mini computer process 5 lakh data per second. Minicomputer is used in big companies, reservation of passenger and in the research department. Some of the mini computers are IBM, 17 DEC, PDP 11, HP-900, AS 400.

2.Microcomputer: Microcomputer is that type of computer in which central processing unit consists of a microprocessor. A microprocessor is also known as an integrated circuit. A microcomputer is a least powerful computer but even then it is used widely and also is the fastest growing computer. Microcomputer consists of four types of computer Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Handheld computer. A desktop computer is small in size to fit on a desk easily but it is too big to carry with other equipment attached to it. Notebook computer which is also known as Laptop is portable, lightweight and fits in our bag very easy to carry. A handheld computer is smallest in size computer and it is designed especially to fit into our palm, also known as Palm computer.

3.Mainframe computer: Mainframe computer is known as large computer size with large memory storage along with a comprehensive range of software and a peripheral device. Mainframe computer needs wire and airconditioner room. Though it is not a powerful as a supercomputer, its processing speed is very high to process data. The speed of the computer is quite high and more than one user can work at a time. Many insurance companies use the mainframe computer to process information for the millions of policyholder. Some of the examples of Mainframe computer are Univac 1110, IBM-370, IBM-S/390.

4.Supercomputer: Supercomputer is the most powerful computer type of computer till date. This is the large type of computer and is the fastest computer among all the computer. It works with multi-processing and a parallel processing unit. It is fast in computing, it is large in size, it is accurate in the result, it is the most expensive type of computer. The supercomputer is used by a very big organization and research and scientific use it. It is used for creating animation, weather forecasting, nuclear energy research. First, ever supercomputer of the world is CRAY-1, which was developed by the research in the year 1976. The first supercomputer of India was developed by C-DAC in 1991 in the form of PARAM.

5.Personal computer: A personal computer also known as PC is relatively smaller in size, less expensive and is designed for individual uses. In India, the price of personal computer starts from 20,000 onwards. The personal computer is based on the microprocessor technology which enables the CPU on the chip. Many businesses use a personal computer for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing and for spreadsheet presentation. We all use a personal computer in our home for our work and also in schools and colleges personal computer is used for teaching a computer to students. Some of the examples of a personal computer are Lenovo, HP, Asus, IBM PC.



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