Chalkboard computer teacher became star and praise all over by etvjabardasth

Chalkboard computer teacher became star and praise all over by etvjabardasth


Chalkboard computer teacher became star and praise all over

In a recent news in the tech section where a school teacher of Ghana who used chalkboard computer drawing to teach computer science, to his fellow students because he had no laptops or computer to teach them online. He found himself as an international star in a global conference summit in Singapore.

Chalkboard computer become the social media star

The teacher named Richard Appiah Akoto, who draw a color chalk diagram to teach the improvisation of a how to use a computer and their function. He was praised all over in the social media, so he was recognized finally and brought forward to honor in the Silicon Valley hot shots in Glitzy Asian tech hub summit.

Richard Appiah Akoto further exclaimed he has never gone outside of Ghana before as his family lives in Ghana and they were happy over there. But soon after his video got viral he was invited by the Microsoft sponsored meeting for his effort.

Even the Facebook users were delighted together with his complex size of the blackboard pc that repletes with the toolbar icons, and his equally well-organized keyboard and mouse.

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Microsoft Africa decided to reward the chalkboard computer teacher for his effort

Which he claims to have drawn for the children of his school, who have never seen the computer before. He further said I will just draw the mouse with the help of the cord and will explain saying them that this is mouse along with its specification, this is the body of the mouse and this is the tail of the mouse with its total working principle.

He himself is a teacher of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  in a junior high school in the un-prevelidged Sekyedomase farming village in Ghana. Akoto further explained he had to improvise as the school teacher as the school has no computer and his very own computer is broken down.

As soon as the pictures of the class were uploaded where he was found teaching his student in the chalkboard computer, he was praised all over and even the donations were coming in huge numbers from various groups of people seeing his effort and dedication.

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People showed their love and support by donating computer

People even started calling him after his video go viral, he had no clue of what sp ever is happening, what wrong he has done for himself he asked himself. But finally, he realized all is well. If something which is good happening then why should he bother and thanked for peoples support?

According to sources, Akoto’s effort in teaching information and communication technology (ICT)  was admired by the masses, who praised his effort as a man how much effort he is putting to teach his students about the technology even without the help of technology (Computer).

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Someone decided to know the truth

When he was praised all over Cameroonian entrepreneur Rebbeca who decided to inquire about him and finally sent a message to the Microsoft African company for the support. Soon Microsoft decided to equip a teaching device to Akko to for his support.

Microsoft Africa tweeted thereafter saying supporting teachers to enable them with the digital transformation is the objective of our company. We will provide Akoto with a device very soon and also give access to our MCE program & free professional development resource for education. Akoto has been teaching    Information technology (ICT) for the past six years.

After the video of his teaching became viral many people came in support of Akot, one donor from the United Kingdom donated his laptop, and a Ghanaian IT department gave free desktop to the school and one separate; laptop to Akoto.

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When the student of Akoto saw their computer for the first time, they were very excited but all of them were already knew its part of the drawing which was done Akoto during chalkboard teaching his student.

Akoto said he needs at least 50 computer so that every student of his school gets one computer each to their practical work and he is ready to bring a transformation change in his students with his earlier method of using chalkboard computer teaching to the digital computer.

He aforementioned exploitation chalkboard was done attributable to lack of a computer to show his students.

His job is to teach his students in the best possible manner which he will do at any cost. He thanked everyone who came in the support of his students and donated their computer to them.

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