Amazon kindle lite app launched in India – etvjabardasth

Amazon kindle lite app launched in India – etvjabardasth

Amazon India has launched the Kindle Lite version on Wednesday for the Android user. The app was launched earlier in the beta version in November which comes under 2 MB size covering all the basic functions of Amazon Kindle. India becomes the first country to enjoy the kindle lite service in Asia.


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The earlier form of Kindle lite

kindle is a lightweight electronic device that is used to read a book on the internet it is used by Amazon from the year 2012. The earlier version of Kindle was Kindle Fire. Kindle allows you to stream videos and music as well as read ebook.

Ever since 2012, we are using paperwhite model of Kindle which has the feature of the touch screen while reading. You can buy the ebook from the Amazon and download it in the PDF format to make the Kindle available to read it on your Android device. Although it is very lightweight you can keep an unlimited number of books on it.

Features of Kindle

Kindle stores up to 1400 e-book

You can adjust the text size while reading

Clear text and fonts which is user-friendly and in a readable format

You can read a book even in the dim light as well as in  bright light

Through the Amazon or google play Store you can download the book as well as you can delete it and get it back whenever you need

It never heats up while reading and you can navigate very easily from one end to another without of any hassle

You enjoy a distraction-free reading book

The user can also add your annotation in the text

A reader has the facility to bookmark your page

you have the Liberty to use Kindle lite service even with a low-speed internet

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Usage of kindle

Amazon Kindle lite is used for reading books on the internet available in various languages to make the reader feels very good while reading book over the internet talking about Amazon Kindle lite it comes with various features one of them includes reading books over the internet different languages are English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

The Amazon kindle lite is basically a USA based company who launched its Kindle lite version in the Indian market for the Android user. The company also gives the kindle lite user 80% cashback when they purchase the ebook from the Google Play under the section Amazon the cashback is valid for only 1 month from the date of launch of Amazon store for the Kindle lite user.

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Size of kindle lite

Talking about Amazon Kindle lite the app itself is very light which is of  2 MB in size and takes less than a minute to download over the Google Play store.

Another very important feature of Kindle lite is it can be used with the slower internet network that is For 2G and 3 GB data uses. But there are not various features which were Kindle lite earlier version of Kindle has like the light flash card, word Runner, word-wise, X-Ray to include. However there are various uses like the ability buy an ebook, zoom into images, night mode reading, adjustment of font size, and navigating from one different section.

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Some of the other features include the user to monitor the data over the internet on the Wi-Fi, or mobile network. For any other connectivity, this is a very important factor because whenever you run out of data over the internet it won’t cost you extra money.

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Fun for the new readers

If you are using kindle lite for the first time in order to experience reading book, then it is very user-friendly suggested by the company. One important thing, the company targets the Indian market to have product successes as the 60% of Indian user has internet access.  The app runs on the Android version 4.4 and the latest one.

Rajiv Mehta the country manager of Kindle said, that we want to provide you the best service over the internet, the best view to read the book as well as they don’t run out of data through its less data usage. The app is designed for to access, Kindle service to all the devices like smartphone, desktop, as well as a tablet.

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Kindle lite at a glance

It uses less space on your phone and manages the use of data

The APP supports 6 languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi

It works on the slower network of 2G and 3G.

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