Airtel 4G volte beta services for users

Airtel 4G volte beta services for users

Airtel is also offering 30 GB of free data services to its Airtel 4G volte beta users. Airtel has recently started providing 4G volte services to Indian customers.

Reliance Jio entry in the Indian telecom industry continues to affect most the big players. Indian mobile users now will have the choice to choose from various telecom player for voice calls and free data services to enjoy. One of the top rival company of Jio will soon give the Jio tough competition with the launch of volte services in the Indian market.

How to get Airtel 4G Volte beta services on the smartphone

Airtel is now acquiring its lost market by attracting the masses with the volte services in some of the cities with the launch of volte data services. It is attracting the user to join the volte beta services in some of the other states like West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Kerala, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab. Airtel is also influencing the user by offering free of 30GB to its volte beta service customers in the selected cities.


Airtel 4G Volte


How to check the volte service

The first step to get the service in your smartphone is to look at the smartphone which you are using, whether or not it supports the 4G volte service. Keeping in consideration is that now most of the phone even the budget phone comes with the volte services, but checking it before using is very important.

For that one need to check the operating system on the smartphone which one uses comes with the upgraded latest version of the smartphone. Second, the important thing is to activate the airtel sim, although one has the choice to get the new sim for their airtel 4G volt use. One important thing is to be sure whether or not your airtel sim is eligible for the volte service.

Once you have done everything systematically, switch on your volte mode, you will get this option in the setting menu of your phone.

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How the 30GB data one gets

When you are dynamic airtel volte beta member, you will automatically get 10GHB of free information quickly, after the time of 4 months or you tell 1 month as most of the telecom company provides data like this instead of 30 days. As a user you will have to send feedback to the services back to the airtel company doing this will have access over another 10GB of free data.

Likewise for the final 10GB of free data again you have to provide feedback of the Airtel 4G volte betas service to them, as result of which you get final 10GB of after the completion of 8 weeks.

For the entire procedure, Sunil Mittal who is behind the presentation of Airtel 4G volte services in India asked for its airtel 4g volte user to test the volte administrations which will get the benefit of volte service considering it to gain the feedback for the quality improvement services.

Airtel smart enough to attract the customer

But nothing comes free of cost and airtel knows it very well. The company is offering 30 GB of free data to the airtel 4G volte user, with every free there is term and conditions associated and Airtel is no different. First, the Airtel 4G volte services are accessible in only some part of the country which you already know.

The airtel organization has officially made the announcement with respect to the Airtel benefit 4G volte service in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, however, the majority of Airtel 4G volte client isn’t getting volte service which was earlier claimed by the airtel company in the past few weeks.

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If you are from any region above, then will need airtel volte supported handset. Airtel at present has over 100 4G handsets that will support the volte service, but the problem is not a single Motorola device supports Airtel 4G volte service. Other top brand smartphones like Xiomi, Samsung, Apple are among the supported list of the smartphone. You can check of your own by switching to the Airtel volte service on its official website.

It has some drawback as well

Now when you cover the first two hurdle lets step ahead. In the next process, you have to validate your Airtel mobile number with the Airtel 4G volte beta program. Go to the site volte-circle and move down to the page to validate your number.

As Airtel already have the data of which device you are using, if you enter the no-volte support phone, you will have a message saying “Hi user airtel 4G volte is currently available on your phone, we will get in touch with you soon when you roll back to volte phone. For example, a customer is using a Moto Z2 phone, who is yet to receive support for the volte service from Airtel side pointing towards its major drawback.

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But, if you have the Airtel 4G volte smartphone, then you will have to enter your OTP number to validate your mobile number. After your phone is verified you have the liberty to use Airtel 4G volte service and allow to send your valuable feedback to the company to improve its service.

Value your feedback

The airtel volte beta service program will soon end for the testing services in three phases, which involves of 1OGB per phase. In the 28 days, time per 10GB is granted. Airtel further said the feedback from Airtel 4G volte user is very valuable for us to improve our services. So, as a user, you have the right to share the valuable feedback to the company and they will work for the betterment of their customers.

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