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Author Shahzad arsi is a passionate person and does every possible research before delivering to the user. As an MBA in marketing student, he completed his study and after that, shares all his skills and expertise with the online world, to guide in the right way, the difficulty he faced doesn’t want other to face.

The author wants to the explore all about sharing latest technology,  all new smartphone, and budget phone along with laptops and their specification will come one by one in a detailed way.

Explore all the possible trending and high demanding products in front of our viewers with the honest review of any gadget like smartphone or laptops. Also, you will see the latest news from the entertainment to change the mood of our viewers and to make you feel comfortable the channel will some funny quotes to share with you.


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Smartphone and laptop two essential elements in our life will be viewed very closely explaining all the latest technology to be launched along with specification in the Indian market to be shared. Some basic terminology from science which is very element in the technology, have a direct follow-up. Web technology is the process of continuous change as we see the change in the technology or we evidence the advancement in the technology.

Aim to provide quality content

The sole aim of the platform is to provide all the relevant information which is very useful today so that we remain up to date like our western counterpart. Technology is something which I personally believe is the deceive factor of any country and the country is known to be how a week or strong they on the basis of their technology factor. So, let’s join hand and be ready to jump into the world of adventure where I promise you will have lots of fun during the whole journey.

Just a small request from my side please subscribe my channel if you find something useful for you. Hope you all give the love and support which we need as a human to boost the work and have the motivation to produce something extraordinary before you. With all the information and useful content, I will be in service as long I can.

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